Posted by: mollyrossiter | February 3, 2009

Let them eat … pancakes

dennysHow refreshing it is in a time when news reports are filled with layoffs and the phrase “stimulus package” is heard almost as much as “unemployment rate” that a major restaurant chain spits in the eye of the recession and steps up to the, er, plate.

Denny’s announced in a Super Bowl promotion on Sunday that it would give away free Grand Slam breakfasts to diners between 6 a.m. and 2 p.m. today at all of its restaurants in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

The chain was expecting an extra 2 million people to turn out for the promotion. One restaurant in Illinois had 2,400 eggs on hand at the start of the day to meet demand for the breakfast, which includes two pancakes, two eggs, two strips of bacon and two sausage links.

Unfortunately the only Denny’s in Iowa is in Clear Lake — which may have worked out great for those who went to the Winter Dance Party concert at the Surf Ballroom last night.



  1. I had no clue the only denny’s in iowa was in clear lake, good thing I didn’t actually try to find one yesterday to get my free breakfast.

    • I didn’t either. I got on the restaurant’s Web site and was ready to list area restaurants — and found only one. I thought about going, too!

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