Posted by: mollyrossiter | February 11, 2009

Angel Food update

The Walton Tribune, a Georgia newspaper, is reporting that two warrants were served at the Angel Food Ministries headquarters this morning and another at a business owned by Andy Wingo, former chief operating officer of Angel Food Ministries.

The FBI is still not saying what the warrants were for, but in a story last month charity experts told the York Daily Record/Sunday News that Angel Food Ministries’ executive pay and insider loan practices raised the question of whether some of the charity’s earnings are being used to benefit insiders instead of for a charitable purpose.

Angel Food Ministries was founded in 1994 by Joe and Linda Wingo to provide food for friends and neighbors who were struggling financially, according to the program’s Web site.  The Angel Food program now claims to be helping provide food relief to more than 500,000 families each month.

There are more than two dozen Angel Food distribution sites in the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City areas, many of which serve 30-40 families or more each month.

A story on the program ran in The Gazette in October 2008.


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