Posted by: mollyrossiter | February 12, 2009

Local Angel Food sites OK

A federal investigation involving Angel Food Ministries won’t affect local distribution sites, area coordinators told me today.

Joel Hentrich, coordinator of the Angel Food site at Living Word Christian Fellowship in Iowa City, said he received an e-mail from the Georgia headquarters on Wednesday and that orders will be filled as normal.

“The indications are that everything is moving forward as planned,” he said. “Everything is supposed to be continuing as scheduled.”

Agents from both the FBI and the Internal Revenue Service served a search warrant Wednesday at the Walton County, Ga., headquarters of the national food charity. No information concerning the nature or subject of the warrant has been released.

In a message posted on its Web site, Angel Food Ministries officials said they “deem this to be an investigation of an individual or individuals connected to the organization, and not regarding the ministry itself, its service to the public or its host sites in any way.”

Carla Ekman, who coordinates the program at Hope Lutheran Church in Cedar Rapids, said she believes that since the FBI and IRS are involved, the investigation does not center around the food quality.

“I’m under the very, very strong impression that it has nothing to do with the food portion,” she said. “They have been very proactive about any questions concerning the food quality — they even removed jars of peanut butter from their menu even though the jars of peanut butter are not supposed to be part of the recall.”

The deadline for placing February orders is Saturday. Find a local host site here.



  1. Very timely information! I’m sure those using this service are comforted by hearing this information.

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