Posted by: mollyrossiter | February 19, 2009

Angel Food Ministries loans $1.1 million?

A week after FBI and IRS officials served search warrants on the home offices of Angel Food Ministries in Atlanta, Ga., information has surfaced concerning $1.1 million in loans the organization made to the founding family over the last two years.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported earlier this week that Internal Revenue Service papers show that four members of the founding family — Joe Wingo and his wife, Linda, and their sons Wesley and Andrew — earned a combined $402,000 in salaries last year, down from more than $2 million the year before.

The documents also showed that Angel Food Ministries also gave the family unsecured loans both last year and in 2006, with that debt totaling $1.1 million.

There is no word as to whether the search warrants served on Angel Food’s headquarters are related to the loans.

Angel Food Ministries is a national food purchase program that was started in Monroe, Ga., by the Wingo family in 1994 to help residents who had lost jobs but did not want to accept handouts. For $30 each month a family can purchase a box of food valued between $60 and $70.

About 3,000 churches across the country serve as distribution sites for Angel Food Ministries. There are close to two dozen churches in Linn and Johnson counties serving as Angel Food sites.

Angel Food Ministries officials have said they intend to continue with distribution on a regular schedule.



  1. Hey, Molly
    Chris Quinn here from the Atlanta Journal Constitution. More to come about Angel Food. Watch this Sunday and next Sunday at

  2. also, some updates on twitter.. follow clquinn

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