Posted by: mollyrossiter | February 26, 2009

CrossRoads finds a new home

CrossRoads Mission has spent its first two years in much the same way as the people it serves: transient, looking for a permanent home.

Now it’s got one.

The mission started in January 2007 in the basement of Cedar Christian Church. Pat Kane, the mission’s director, said he wanted to offer something for people who needed emergency assistance — food, clothing, job counseling, referrals. In its first year the mission served an average 300 families each month.

Halfway into its second year, the mission was made homeless by the Cedar River. Water filled the basement and poured into the sanctuary of Cedar Christian Church. Kane was able to save the mission’s laptop before the water rose. When the cleanup began, all he could salvage from the mission was a pair of brass candlesticks and a brass cross.

The mission left its former 5,200 square foot space and moved into space offered by Hope Lutheran Church, more than two miles from its former home. Clients stopped coming, either because they, too, had been dislocated by the flood or because it was too far for many of them — they used to get to the mission by walking from home or riding their bicycles.

On Tuesday, CrossRoads Mission will open in a third location — this time, one that is completely theirs. The food bank will again reopen, the clothes closet is bigger than ever and now the mission has transient housing with two one-bedroom apartments to help people and families get back on their feet.

“I truly believe this is just one of God’s blessings since the flood,” Kane said. “We want to serve as a beacon for this neighborhood — people will see us rise up from the flood and know they can, too.”

See the full story, along with photos from photographer Cliff Jette, in Saturday’s Gazette or at


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