Posted by: mollyrossiter | March 6, 2009

Angel Food troubles over?

Angel Food Ministries officials may soon see “business as usual” after a settlement was reached today in a lawsuit filed against the founding family.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Angel Food founder Joe Wingo and his family will cancel their company credit cards and Joe Wingo will sign over a company he owns that was renting a corporate jet to the ministry at a $10,000 monthly profit. The ministry itself will undergo a forensic financial audit.

Angel Food Ministries is a national food purchase program that allows consumers to order boxes of groceries at a reduced cost. The ministry is based in Atlanta, Ga., but churches in 35 states serve as distribution centers.

There are about two dozen distribution centers in Linn and Johnson counties.

The FBI and IRS served search warrants on the home office in February but details of that search have not been released.



  1. Please be aware that the poster by the name of Judaa Engelmayer is a paid spokesman from NY for Angel Food. He was hired after the recent crisis. Just thought you’d like to know………….

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