Posted by: mollyrossiter | March 8, 2009

Religion headlines

Pastor killed, 2 injured in Illinois church

Congregants at the First Baptist Church in Maryville, Ill., on Sunday initially thought an unknown gunman who shot and killed the pastor was part of a skit, according to a story in the New York Times.

The pastor managed to deflect the first four shots with his Bible, which sent confetti-like particles flying from the pages, before being fatally wounded.

When the gunman’s gun jammed two congregants tackled him to the ground. The gunman drew a knife and he and the two congregants were wounded before authorities arrived.

Losing their religion

A wide-ranging study on American religious life found that the Roman Catholic population has been shifting out of the Northeast to the Southwest, the percentage of Christians in the nation has declined and more people say they have no religion at all.

A story published on The International Herald Tribune says that 15 percent of those surveyed said they had no religion, up from 14.2 percent in 2001 and 8.2 percent in1990.

Pope to visit Holy Land in May

The Vatican announced today that Pope Benedict XVI plans to tour the Holy Land May 8-15 and released his itinerary.

According to The New York Times, the Pope will visit Amman, Jordan; Jerusalem and Nazareth in Israel; and Bethlehem in the West Bank.


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