Posted by: mollyrossiter | March 16, 2009

Unemployment’s revolving door

This morning as I sat in on a support group for men and women who are recently unemployed, I was struck by the symbolism this group unwittingly showed.

The 90-minute meeting started with 12 people, all members of the church at which the meeting was held and all of whom had lost their jobs within the last six months.

About a third of the way in, one member said she needed to leave — she’d had two interviews at one place and received a call on Friday offering her a job. She needed to go home and accept the position.

About a half-hour later the door opened again — this time bringing in a man who had just moments earlier been notified that he was laid off after 25 years. He came straight to the church.

Rather than mope and complain and yell and scream — which I’m sure were all things he had considered and may have done since — this man came to his church to attend the support group, and was welcomed with open arms.

This is what I’m looking to include in my story for this weekend. What are some things your church or faith group are doing to help those who have lost jobs, had reductions in hours or are otherwise feeling the effects of the recession?



  1. Here at Lovely Lane UMC we have an RU group – recently unemployed. We meet Fridays at 9:30 and try to wrap up our time around 11 AM. We being with check-in, move to a time of Bible study and scriptures dealing with themes like unemployment, unfullfillment, finding your passion, stress, etc. Then a church member who is a professional job coach volunteers her time and leads us into conversation about the job market, hints, networking, resumes and meets with and sets up appointments with individuals. It has been very helpful on many levels. This group offers support, job leads, socialization. So far only women have attended although we have a couple men inour congregation who are without current employment.

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