Posted by: mollyrossiter | March 20, 2009

You just can’t make this up

What do you get when you put a megachurch pastor, alternative-medicine author, ex-escort-turned-founder of Hookers for Jesus, and a former Pentecostal pastor branded a heretic  in the same room?

A “Nightline” segment in which they all debate the existence of Satan.




  1. This has been going on every since the beginning of religion. Look at all the “gay” pastors in the Catholic church, just some others do it differantly! When I was a trucker going thru Nevada, I was approched at a truckstop by a nice looking gal selling herself for the church she “supposidly” belonged to and it was to help the “Feed the Children” foundation! She wasn’t much but a child herself but there is an excuse for most anything. IF you contact TRUTH TRIUMPHANT, po bOX 1417, Eustis, Florida, 32727, you will get alot of answers on this. Have fun with it because it will raise the hair on your neck!!

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