About Molly Rossiter and The Back Pew

mollymug3As faith and values reporter for The Gazette I try to do stories that go beyond the “brick and mortar” of the church/synagogue/temple/mosque. I look for stories that affect the people inside those buildings, stories that make people outside those buildings think and stories that we can all sometimes relate to.

With increased limitations on space in the newspaper I often find there are stories or even snippets of stories of things happening here and across the country that I’d like to share with my readers but just can’t.

That’s where The Back Pew comes in. In this space I’d like to give you those snippets, lead you to those links and open the conversation.

The stories you will find here will be on religious issues as well as values — how the two are connected and sometimes how they can be separated. If you have conversation topics or links you’d like to share, feel free.



  1. Great stuff Molly ~ keep up the good work!

  2. Molly, This is the first time that I had be on your site and your reports, but I just want to set a few things straight. I noticed that you had received news stories from Chris Christopher from the Atlanta Journal Constitution. I am aware that he has been with the paper for quite a long time, however I was very disappointed in the stories that he continues to report. It seems as he is only telling the stories that leave shadows. He was at the Emanuel Praise Church one Sunday morning. (This is the church connected to Angel Food Ministries) He stayed for the Church service. Pastor Joe had a talk with him before service and he asked for permission to stay for service and after service the pastor told his members that if anyone wanted to say anything to him, that he would be out in the front and anyone could talk to him, which there was a long line… We all told wonderful stories of the good that the Wingo’s have done, and are continuing to do. I told him, how Pastor Joe had actually came over and cut our grace, also about giving us food when we took in some foster children, 5 siblings that their mother died and their dad had abandon them. He called and he filled our van full of food to help feed these children. The Month of December there were over 500 boxes of food given away at the church on a wednesday night, then again instead of giving the food away on a Wednesday night, they ask that if you needed food to come to the warehouse and volunteer for 3 hours and they would give you a box of food, that Sat morning about 200 people showed up to help, it was cold, one of those very cold mornings, and women with children etc were there waiting to help etc. instead pastor Joe went over and thanked them all for coming and offering to help, but instructed the paid workers to give them all a box of food and let them go on their way.. Said it was just too cold for them to have to work that morning for the food. But they wound up giving over 500 boxes the month of January and also the month of February. The Month of Feb they sent 4 53 ft tractor trailer full of food to the Food bank in Athens, GA, they also sent, the same week, trailers full of food to Hosea Feed the Hungry and the Food Bank in Atlanta. These people worked for years without a salary. they had taken out personal loans to get Angel Food Started. These loans they personally are responsible for.. the money that they were paid for salaries were only to help relieve them of this responsibility and get the loans paid back… If you counted all the hours they have worked, which they work hard and long hours… they probably have not been paid minimum wages.. I can promise you this, if they had extra money, they would have given it it away to someone that had a need… that is the type people they are… But anyway Mr Christopher did print an artical of the church family sticking up for the Wingo’s, but he did not mention any thing particular other than saying that a man (had his name listed) spent 35 years in prison for murder and they had stood behind him and helped him with job, housing and food and clothes etc. That of course is a good story but there were so many more of ordinary people that they have helped… So please if you can report good things, it would be appreciated for these are really good people. The problem is someone is trying to get control for selfish gain.
    Thank you for your help in getting the good news out there.. If you want to email me for good news, just email me for I have plenty of things that can be said that is good..

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